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Jim Broadnax

Board Member

Board Member James Broadnax is an accomplished professional with a diverse background and a strong track record of success. With an MBA from Cambridge University in 1995, James Broadnax brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. He has a proven ability to lead and manage teams, having served as a Manager/Team Leader in helicopter maintenance with Bell Helicopter International in Kermanshah, Iran for 8 years. Additionally, James Broadnax has an honorable discharge from the US Army, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and dedication to service.

In his career, James Broadnax has held various positions of responsibility, including serving as an Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He has also worked at General Electric Aircraft Engine Group, contributing his expertise to the aviation industry. Furthermore, James Broadnax holds an FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificate, underscoring his technical proficiency in aircraft maintenance.

With a broad range of skills, James Broadnax excels in business, people management, research, computers, and the internet. His well-rounded skill set enables him to effectively navigate complex challenges and drive strategic initiatives. James Broadnax's commitment to professional growth and lifelong learning is evident through his academic achievements and continuous engagement in various industry roles.

As a board member, James Broadnax brings a valuable perspective and extensive experience to contribute to the strategic decision-making process. His strong academic foundation, coupled with his hands-on experience in the aviation industry and the military, make him a highly valuable asset to any organization. James Broadnax's passion for excellence, combined with his dedication to continuous improvement, makes him an exceptional board member who consistently delivers impactful results.

Jim Broadnax
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